Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 3 - Sunday June 12, 2016

Today's weather was much different from yesterday. The high on Saturday was 91 and we woke up this morning to a cool 64 degrees and a cool breeze coming off Lake Michigan. We walked over to Wildberry Cafe for a great breakfast and then headed past the bean and Millennium Park to the Art Institute of Chicago at 10:30 am.  After  spending 2 hours at the institute, Sandra and Paul had to go back to the hotel to pick up their luggage and head to the airport for their flight home.  David, Gwen, Patsy and I headed over to Willis (Sears) Tower to visit the Skydeck level on the 103rd floor.  On the way we saw the starting point for Route 66.  Actually it was pointed out by a man selling $2 magazines to help the homeless.  He also pointed out the names on the top of the wall of the Art Institute were the names of the Ninja Turtles.  We cross under a couple of "Ls" on the walk down Adams Street.  Back to the story - Patsy and Gwen opted out of stepping out on the ledge, but David and I, shaky legs and all, stepped out and had our photo taken.  We took the long walk back to the hotel (16,000 steps again today) and took a short nap before heading to dinner at TGI Fridays (it was the closest place we could find).

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