Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day 6 - Wednesday June 15 2016

Weather: 58 degrees with 90% chance of rain by noon.  We had breakfast at 7:30 am in hotel and left for Sault Ste. Marie, MI at 8:30 where we took a boat ride through the SooLocks.  The locks connect Lake Huron with Lake Superior.  Lake Huron is about 30 feet lower than Lake Superior so you use the locks to raise your boat to the Lake Superior elevation or lower your boat if you are going from Lake Superior to Lake Huron.  I tried to take several pictures to show the height of the boat as we were raised.   The tour took about 2.5 hours as it goes through the locks (both ways) under the bridge than connects United States and Canada.  After the tour we drove the 55 miles back to Mackinac City where it was raining.  Since we had our matching jackets from Mackinac Island we visited Mackinac Bridge museum and then went shopping nearby.  We headed back to hotel for a couple of hours before heading to dinner at Darrow's for some Great Lakes whitefish.  Tomorrow we turn south looking for lighthouses and quaint little towns along Lake Michigan.

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