Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 4 - Monday June 13, 2016

Charles, our good friend at the hotel, recommended if we're heading north out of Chicago we better leave early to beat the O'Hare traffic.  Heeding his word, we left hotel at 6:00 am this morning headed north on I-94/US 41/Interstate 41 towards  Milwaukee.  We beat the traffic.  Good job, Charles.  We stopped in Gurnee, IL and opened up Cracker Barrel with one grandmother and and her 2 grandchildren. Next door was a Six Flags - have not seen one of those in a while.  We crossed over into Wisconsin before 8:00 am - do not know exact time as Wisconsin did not have a Welcome sign or a Welcome Center.  I think it was in Kenosha, WI where there is an Amazon Fulfillment Center. Our goal was to be in Milwaukee by 10:00 am - arrived at 8:30 am.  At 9:00 we toured the Harley Davidson Museum and then headed downtown Milwaukee to find the bronze Fonz and walk the river walk.  It started raining so Lynn jumped out, ran to the Fonz, got a photo and we headed up I-43 toward Green Bay, bypassing remainder of Milwaukee.  We got off interstate and drove to Port Washington to see a lighthouse, but it was not much to see (no actual light).  I did get a token bird pic though.  We decided it was time to find cheese so headed to Gibbsville.  It was packed with 18 teenagers on a bike ride break so we left and went to Saxon Creamery in Cleveland.  They did not have much to sell - mostly ship out what they make.  They make the cheese in the mornings with the fresh milk and are finished by 11:00 am so you have to get there if you want to observe cheese making.  I guess I will have to depend on "How It's Made" to get educated.  We went to Kiel and stopped at Hennings Cheese factory.  The staff there was very friendly and helpful.  We tasted some cheese curds and listened for the "squeak" when we chewed them.  We bought some of their cheeses, which they cut into cubes for us, got some crackers, summer sausage and drinks and had lunch in the car on the way to Green Bay.  We arrived at Green Bay by 3:00 pm.  We checked into the hotel and drove over to Lambeau Field for a tour.  The tour guide was excellent, providing a history of the franchise and taking us to one of the Skyboxes, down to the tunnel where the Packers run out onto the field and onto the outside of the field (no one walks on the field except the mowers who mow the grass every other day).  We left Lambeau and had a great dinner at Brett Favre's Steakhouse. We convened a meeting of the minds back at the hotel to determine Tuesday's events.

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